When it comes to finding the right type of finishing and finished products, Adelco is the place to go. Offering some of the best you can find on the web, Adelco has the right type of finishing and finished products made from high quality ingredients and materials at low, affordable prices.

To properly finish a product means to protect it while amplifying its natural beauty as well. Adelco has managed to develop several products along this line to create some of the best on the market today. For many, they can find the best type of finished and finishing products for their furniture, flooring, wall décor and other items that require a proper finish.

One of the best and most popular is the “one paint’ products that take traditional stains and varnishes to a new level.


One Paint

Also known as “One Wood Paint”, this is a product that was created using innovative technology so that it would meet very high standards while being environmentally safe. Certified using both ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 standards, the Adelco one wood products are actually paints that emit far less Volatile Organic Compounds into the atmosphere than traditional versions of oil finishes.

Effective and environmentally friendly, the Adelco One paint line represents real finishing products that provide your items the protection they need while being far more protective of the environment. Currently, there are three types in this line that are used in a variety of situations.

Polyurethane Varnish: This is wood varnish that is very clear, highly durable and made with the best quality products. The varnish itself has been designed to bring out the beauty of wood surfaces and is a great choice for its protective and decorative qualities.


  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Easy to Apply
  • Clear Crystal Film
  • Great in Leveling Properties


You can use this product in different colors to bring out the best in the natural wood that makes up your furniture and flooring.




Unlike traditional varnishes, the Adelco One version does not contain any hazardous ingredients such as formaldehyde, xylene, CAC or tolune. This means that it protects the wood while protecting the environment as well. Perfect for use in coastal areas or along properties beside lakes, rivers and ponds, your boat may enjoy the use of this varnish on its timbers as well.

  • Water Soluble
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Strong Adhesion to Surfaces
  • Heat, UV and Scratch Resistant
  • Easy to Apply

Extra Clear Wood Varnish: Here, you get all the advantages that wood varnish offers in a formula that dries extra clear to reduce any yellowing or discoloration. This brings out the real beauty of the wood while properly preserving it.

  • Clear Crystal Film
  • Highly Durable
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Easy to Apply


Next Wood

When it comes to finding the right material for flooring, walls, decks or other uses, next wood is the product that does offer quite a bit in terms of strength and durability while being environmentally friendly. Crafted from 100% recycled composite materials that include wood and plastic, next wood offers tremendous durability and strength.

In fact, what is perhaps most remarkable is the appearance of the product which looks just like standard wood pieces that can be cut and shaped into different sizes. Next wood is primarily used for outdoor decks and flooring as well as the following;

  • Indoor Furniture
  • Landscaping
  • Wall Cladding
  • Window and Door Frames
  • Railings and Fences
  • Landscape Timbers and More

Essentially, it can be used just like any other piece of wood, but it is very strong and capped by a wood and plastic composite that surrounds an inner core. This means that the product is highly resistant to temperature all while not using any chemicals or adhesives which are harmful to the environment. This is artificial wood composite that actually uses recycled wood and plastic to create a stronger and more durable building material.



Laminated Timber Flooring

The laminated flooring by Adelco provides a realistic appearance at a low, affordable price. The laminates used are made from high density fiber board (HDF) that even have protection from swelling so that your flooring does not warp over time or when exposes briefly to water. In addition, they are easy to install thanks to a unique “clicking” system that ensures the boards are locked together during the construction process.

  • Scratch Resistant
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Simple to Install
  • High Quality Product

For those who want to have attractive flooring that takes relatively little effort to maintain, then this particular product by Adelco is certainly one that you should consider. It meets very high standards and provides a beautiful appearance that will last for many years to come.


Solar Air-Conditioning

When it comes to preserving a comfortable temperature inside your home, having the right air-conditioning system is needed. However, while most units will draw a considerable amount of power and run up the cost to your electric bill, a solar air-conditioning system will actually help cut your utility bills while providing your home with the cool temperatures it needs.

This remarkable system uses a unique system where the very heat from the outside is used to pre-heat the R410A gas which is environmentally safe inside the air conditioner itself. The result is a system that not only cools during the day, but also runs at night to keep your home comfortable while saving an average of 67% on your electricity bill.

  • Quick Start Up
  • Highly Efficient
  • Low System Noise Inside & Outside the Home


Having solar air-conditioning is powerful automation that will certainly keep you cool in temperature when seeing your lower electricity bill as well.

When it comes to providing a wide range of finishing and finished products, few can match the quality and environmental protection of Adelco. They offer the best in the business when it comes to their unique “one paint” products, varnishes, flooring, next wood and solar air-conditioning designs.

Residential and Commercial Finishing and Finished Products

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