Our journey started as a family owned business three decades ago. We have profound experience in construction and hospitality trade. Adelco is a result of yet another diversification into the construction sector catering to both residential and commercial segments with products that are environmentally friendly, trending latest designs and comprising of latest technology.

As a green business we give priority to finding products that are ecological, natural, renewable and biodegradable. Majority of our products are aligned with ecological methods of production that are not only advance in technology innovations in reducing energy and emission during the manufacturing process but also in consumption, thus complementing our integrity in promoting sustainable yet contemporary material.



Applying our values of passion, Integrity, competence, and constancy together with strategic planning our vision is for Adelco to be well known for our finishing and finished products. Our reputation is entrenched resulting in repeat referrals achieved through our well focused team of members delivering exceptional value to our customers. Our success is a credit to hard work, respect, synergy, and harmony between our products and staff. All of which is the core of our company value.


At Adelco our mission is to provide our client with a caring, professional and bespoke solution service from concept to completion.