Our range of innovative and unique decorative modular wall panels will transform your living environment with works of art in the easiest way. Our product has been widely introduced and used by homeowners, interior designers, architects and builders. Our 3d wall décor Panels focus more on the feature wall field with 3D pattern, Eco-friendly, acoustic, light-weight, can be painted on, removable and DIY features, while our other range of products will inspire you to create and transform any boring environment into something exciting.

For residential customers, our wall decorations are suitable for most of home wall improvement: lounge, home theater, TV room, study room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom and staircase etc. For commercial customers, our wall decor can be used for interior wall improvement,Expo stand, meeting room, foyer, hotel bed and bathrooms, reception, retail shops, bar and function room etc, giving you the endless possibilities in creating unique and distinctive living spaces.


 Avilable in: 300mm x 300mm & 500mm x 500mm

3dwall15   3dwall14   3dwall13


3dwall12   3dwall11   3dwall10


3dwall9   3dwall8   3dwall7


3dwall6   3dwall5   3dwall4


3dwall3   3dwall2   3dwall1

 Available in : varius sizes from  310mm x 310mm

acp1   acp2   acp3


acp4   acp5   acp6


acp7   acp8   acp9


acp10   acp11   acp12


acp13   acp14   acp15



Available in: 15mm x 15mm

gm1   gm2   gm3


gm4   gm5   gm6


gm7   gm8   gm9


gm10      gm12


gm13   gm14   gm15

 Available in: 305mm x 305mm

sm1   sm2   sm3


sm4   sm5   sm6


sm7   sm8   sm9


sm10   sm11   sm12


sm13   sm14   sm15

 Available in: 2440mm x 1220mm

TS1   TS2   TS3


TS4   TS5   TS6


TS7   TS8   TS9


TS10   TS11   TS12


TS13   TS14   TS15



Image Gallery

Translucent1   Translucent2   Translucent3

Translucent4   Translucent5   Translucent6

Translucent7   Translucent8


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